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Did I mention vampire sex?

Blood of Angels - Marie Treanor

Blood of Angels is book #2 in the Blood Hunters series. It takes us on a journey of personal discovery, scientific discovery and, did I mention vampire sex?


Well, there was so much unbridled lust and longing shared between Istavan and Angyalka I thought they might spontaneously combust!

Where the romance complimented the story and action in book 1, in this instalment it trampled all over the action and squashed any attempt at a storyline.

The climax (no, not Angyalka's or Istavan's) was over so quickly, the baddies defeated with minimal effort and the ending too 'happy families' it made me want to poke my eyes out in disgust.

After a promising start to the series, this book has really dropped the ball. The saving grace, and the only reason I will continue to read this series is Max, Robbie and Mihaela.

One thing I noticed:

29% - Mikl?s (I'm guessing there's a name with a special character. It repeats throughout the page the same)