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Insta-fail or insta-awesome?

Life Lived Twice - Sherrie Wouters

Life lived twice is a tale that spans several lifetimes. Fundamentally, this book asks one question:

Can love traverse time?

Initially, I really didn't enjoy the Insta-love, it bugged me because it felt so fake. How can you fall gut-wrenchingly in love with someone you touch hands with in an airport?


If you can see past this little issue, you'll soon discover that it really wasn't Insta-love at the airport, no, it was an ancient Insta-love.

I get that heart-shattering Insta-love is something quite common in stories these days, and usually it's an insta-fail in my mind. This one, while still irritating, at least had some substance to it. And given that nothing raunchier than a kiss happens, it bucks the Insta-love trend hard.


Tess, our protagonist, is meant to be 20 years old and attending university, but she acts more like a 15 year old. She's indecisive and childish and frustratingly awkward. She's a lot of things that bothered me to be honest. I didn't really like her at all.


Logan, our love interest was pleasantly realistic. I don't have a picture of a Ken doll in my head. Instead something like a cheeky Irishman, dimples and twinkling eyes.

Some of the background information was dumped quite hastily by Aunt Krista, this annoyed me, but it was a minor annoyance.

If you like sweet romance with a twist of the paranormal unknown, try this tale.

A few things I noticed:

44% - "Good, then they'll (delete they'll add there'll) be no gags...

51% - ...told me be (delete be) bits and pieces.

90% - ...chopped of(f) his right arm,

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**