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A Man For All Seasons

A Man For All Seasons - Jenny Brigalow A man for all seasons. It is probably not a book for all seasons.

Let's start with our hero and heroine. Mr Chad Cherub travels over to England to meet with a business partner (Wally Driscoll) to make a deal on a horse stud for his Australian ranch/property.

While staying with Wally, Chad meets his stunningly beautiful daughter, Seraphim (can you see a theme here with the names?) who he his immediately attracted to.

Aside from their somewhat cheesy names, these characters initially appear cliche and boring. Both stunning to look at, attracted to each other, yet both hiding secrets from each other. They are naturally drawn together by an incident on Chad's property back in Australia and as things spiral out of control, life changing decisions are made.

More care needs to be taken with physical details, both characters had changing hair colour. This was rather distracting and an easily rectified error.

Surprisingly, despite the ever increasing drag of cliché, I found that once the story made its way back to Australia, my enjoyment of the story rose. The beautiful descriptions of the Australian outback were well done. It felt as if Jenny was recreating a property she has actually been to.

I enjoyed the day-to-day outback life Seraphim and Chad experienced together. I would have liked more on that. The story was just getting really good, when the most expected thing happened. There were a few unexpected twists that accompanied it, but I was left somewhat underwhelmed.

I am longing for a romance with a normal everyday hero and heroine, not these stunning underwear models in disguise.

Also, this was the poorest showing of editing in all the books I've received from Steam eReads. It was a let down.

A few things I noticed:

2% - He could (have) just as easily been...

4% - how does something glisten softly? As far as I know, glistening is silent...

Concrete nouns are needed here. There are too many adjectives and adverbs for my liking.

6% - ...barely set on (delete on) eyes on the man.

22% - She wanted to hop of(f) Pollyanna,

36% - ...this irked him (to?) no end...

38% - You're (Your) room is the third...

43% - ...and a (pair of) long black boots.

**Note: I was provided with an electronic version of this book in return for an honest review**