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What Tomorrow May Bring
Deborah Rix, Shelbi Wescott, Joseph A. Turkot, David J. Normoyle, Cary Caffrey, Samantha Durante, Megan Thomason, Jenni Merritt, David Estes, Susan Kaye Quinn, Tony Bertauski

A testament to Tony's great writing style.

The Trunk - Tony Talbot

The Trunk gives us a quick glimpse inside the world of a five year old boy who is hidden inside a trunk. His mother tells him to be like a mouse, quiet and hidden.

He's a very good little boy. But it did make me imagine Moody's Trunk...


The story leaves us at a point that gives us a little hope, but also a little dread. What will happen to him?

The short story does manage to elicit emotion in just a few pages. A testament to Tony's great writing style.