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Interesting questions...

The Last Packet - Tony Talbot

When I read the title on this, my mind did not go in the direction the story did. Perhaps that is because I do not smoke, but I was surprised to realise that a short story about a grizzly old man could hold my interest.

In fact, Acres is an interesting character. Stubborn for sure, but he made me think of an old battler, the last of his kind. It leant this tale a sad tinge.

This will make you imagine a world like Acres', one where the world is no longer polluted by cigarette smoke. Are we heading that way now? Who will be the last person to smoke cigarettes?


Interesting questions...

I'd have liked a little more about his first time, and the memories of his friends, but I still enjoyed this.

I got a great little quote from it:
Inside were twenty long paper cylinders, their mysterious dark brown innards loaded with death.

Considering this is only $0.97, you should go an pick it up today.