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What Tomorrow May Bring
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A thoroughly enjoyable mixed genre read

Secrets in Time - Alison  Stuart

Secrets in time is another great read by Alison.

Romance, science fiction, war, action, medical, family, witches, history... all these themes and more come into play, weaving a thoroughly enjoyable mixed genre read.

Jessica (Jessie) is a realistic character. A paediatric doctor, she's smart, driven, and strong. She's an interesting character, one that I was drawn to, even if I didn't always agree with her decisions.

Nathaniel is our male lead, the true gentleman who travelled over 300 years to meet Jessie. He was a little more traditional. Swoon-worthy good looks, sweet, and romantic. But don't let his pretty face make you believe he's shallow and two dimensional. Oh no, this leading male character is complex and just a tiny bit 'deer in the headlights' bewildered too. If that combination doesn't pluck at your heart strings, you'll just have to check out the rest of the package (no not THAT package)...

This is the second book this month that has had a tag line of something like 'can love last through time?' This one was, in one way, a lot more unrealistic, but ultimately a lot more developed and enjoyable.

If you've read others of Alison's, this one is one of her best (well of the ones I've read), if you haven't read any, I would consider starting with this one. It's short enough that you can devour it quickly, but has enough detail to draw you in.