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What Tomorrow May Bring
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This should have been written first...

Seductive Secrets - Annie Seaton

Welcome to the prequel for Dangerous Desire.

Seductive Secrets spirals around Regan and Rod. Their sex-fueled relationship from the year before came to a bitter end with accusations of betrayal on both sides and they've both taken the past 12 months to get over the other, except, it seems, neither have.

When they wind up together in Cairns, things begin to burn with unbridled lust and sultry, sexy looks between the two. This was fuelled by the truths that can't be shared, trust is required. Will it be given?

The mystery surrounding Mr Cabal was interesting, but given I've read Dangerous Desire, I already knew what was going to happen. It did ruin the mysterious ending. If you read these in order I think you will enjoy them a lot more.

This book could do with a bit of a polish, here's a few things I noticed:

37% - ...follow instructions when needed . (Remove space before fullstop)
42% - Electricity fired though (through) his nerve endings...
44% - Her skinned (skin) burned...
89% - ...sapphire blue water of the. (Incomplete sentence)