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World building and info dumping everywhere...

Black Beast - Nenia Campbell

Have you ever had the feeling when you read something that perhaps the author loved all things paranormal so much that they wanted to cram as many different paranormal beings into one book as they could?


Well I'd have to say this is what Nenia tried to do here. It left me thinking along these lines:

Shifters and witches and vamps - Oh My!

The influx of Otherworld characters aside, the story was an interesting one. There was a lot of exposition and world building that I think was a touch too long, if I were editing this and the next book (that I haven't read yet) I would probably cut half of this book and smash it together with book #2 and call it the first book.

Aside from one really important scene with said deranged witch from the synopsis, much of the rest of the story was building characters, relationships and background. There's info dumping galore, which kind of irked me.


Ok, let's get back on track here - This book is the first in what is currently a 5 book series (4 novels and one novella - PS, don't check out the synopsis of the novella if you haven't read the rest of the books first - it totally starts with a spoiler! FAIL)

The synopsis of Black Beast drew me in, but I felt it gave me a skewed idea of what was going to happen in the book. Nenia's tiny blurb in her 'review' of the book is far more to the point and accurate. I think a review of the synopsis could be in order.

My favourite character was David, which seems to be a little off kilter with the rest of the reviewers. I didn't love or hate Finn, but I have a feeling I'm funnily going to enjoy his role in the next books... I'm messed up like that.


Will I continue to read the series? Hell yes! even if it's just to read the deranged goings on between Finn and Catherine as the series progresses.

Some things I noticed:

19% - The woman's large brown eyes were made large(r) by her...
29% - with her lucks (delete the s)
58% - but either the witch didn't hear... Repeated paragraph twice.
64% - It (delete it, add If) it was a real emergency...
77% - how many of these fundraisers... Repeated paragraph twice.
87% - ...shift (into) something small," she...
95% - I'm more concerned about (what) you'll do...

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**