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Great writing! And both these ladies are Australian authors

Aurealis #74 - Leife Shallcross,  Dirk Strasser, Imogen Cassidy

Aurealis #74 sees Imogen Cassidy's 'Soul Partner' and Leife Shallcross' 'Music for an Ivory Violin' come to light between the covers.

Imogen's story was quite interesting and reminded me a little of Anita Blake, the protagonists kick-assery was only hinted at here, but I felt a connection with her.

This is especially great to read because Imogen tells us in the blurb at the end that the character had been created initially as a bit part in another piece of writing.

I also enjoyed that our protagonist wasn't some womanising sleuth, instead was a lesbian who was comfortable in her own skin.

I liked 'Soul Partner' but it was very strongly overshadowed by Leife's haunting tale.

I wasn't sure what to make of the rich prose and sensory information that leapt off the page, but I found myself drawn to the story.

The description and imagery were sinister and insidious in the way it crept up on you. It lured you into the story only to punch you in the face with that ending.

Great writing! And both these ladies are Australian authors, which is another reason why I enjoy reading this magazine.