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A story about survival

Saving Grace (The Button Jar series #1) - Fiona McCallum
Saving Grace is a story about survival. Surviving a bad marriage, surviving small country town gossip and surviving making a new life on your own two feet.

Emily Oliphant was a bit of a Mary Sue, in that she tried to be the 'perfect wife' the 'perfect daughter' and the 'perfect host'. Her naivety was laughable at times, her simple ideals sometimes frustrating and at others cring-worthy.

I liked Barbara, David and Des, hated Enid, wasn't fussed on Nathan or Liz either.

Two winning characters shone through for me. Grace, the Border Collie, and Jake. I really liked both characters and everything they bought to the story.

Considering this book was around 400 pages, not a great deal happened. There is a lot of inner reflection, personal learning and family bickering. I think it is small country towns in a book (yep stereotyping there I know), but it had a warmth and closeness about it, that was tinged with the barely veiled threat of ostracism that occurs in said country towns.

The location was painted well, allowing the Australian outback to shine through, yet portrayed the very real issues farmers face with clarity and a no BS approach.

I did notice a couple of typos in this, which irked me to no end, but as I was given an ARC copy it is likely these could have been rectified before publication.

**Note: Harlequin provided a copy of this book in return for an honest review**