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This book has convinced me to continue with the series

Blood Prophecy - Marie Treanor

Blood Prohpecy is book #4 in Marie Treanor's Blood Hunter series. It's book #4 of 6 in total.

After two below average books, book #4 has happily taken the story back towards the realm that book #1 was in. It's sexy and full of adventure and exploration. I never really liked Dmitriu in the other books, he was a bit of an ass and while Saloman trusted him, we never really knew why.

My biggest issue with this story was that it ran in parallel with book #3 for about 75% of the story, which really could have been done away with much earlier. To me, it felt like book #4 was really only the last 25%, and the first 75% was added as sheer padding. I mean, we did get some exploration and information in the first 75%, but it could have been given in a much better way.

The other issue I had, which a few others have mentioned in reviews, is the use of Janine and her apparent pet name throughout the book 'Junkie Whore'. It left a bad taste in my mouth, the constant rehashing of her bad past, it was a few years of her life, it was a mass of bad decisions, but it made her who she was as a hunter, it can't have been all bad. Yet each time it was brought up in the book there was a definite negative connotation. Like Marie didn't want us forgetting that little fact and why Janine was important to the story.

I started this book initially thinking I was done with the series, the previous two books were bad, but Dmitriu and Janine have saved this series for me. I will consider buying book #5 in the series at some point down the track in the hope that this series keeps improving now.

If you're a fan of Mihaela and Maximilian, they don't make much of an appearance in this book, but that kind of worked this time. Istvan and Konrad make cameo appearances.

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of the book through NetGalley in return for an honest review**