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This book needs more

Transforming Love - Debra  Smith

Transforming love is the 2D version of some of the hotter shifter erotic tales available.

The characters are flat (except for in the loins area!!) and the story jumps from one scene to another in the blink of an eye. Add to that, that characters seem to just drop into and out of the story as required and no further dimension is added.

This book solely is focused on the sexy stuff, and I don't think thats a bad thing. The sex scenes are quite primal and base, but natural. All dark Dominating Alpha extending his ownership over young, naive Jenifer. Jenifer, who usually flaps around like a twit, yet somehow makes life altering decisions after reading an old book for two minutes.

This book needs more. More character building, more world building, more scene construction, and more storyline. Just more.

A few things I noticed:

29% - ...could hand and(delete the d) overbearing male.
46% - marring (marrying)
76% - we're done for (to)day,
93% - ...our tub."." (Double punctuation)