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Susanne's story carries this collection...

All I Want for Christmas (Annie Seaton's Holiday Collection Book 1) - Susanne Bellamy, Nicole Flockton, Dilys J. Carnie, Annie Seaton

All I want for Christmas contains three short stories/novellas in vastly different locations, but all three set around Christmas time.

A Tuscan Christmas by Susanne Bellamy:
This story was my favourite of the three, it felt the most realistic, it had the least amount of problems in the story and the characters were great. The setting was lovely, even if it was a little cliche.

Only sweet on the sex-o-meter, this one would be suitable for most readers of romance. ★★★★

A Tropical Christmas by Nicole Flockton:
I really didn't like this one. It felt too unbelievable, too much in line with the sudden rage of massively rich, sinfully handsome man whisks the damsel in distress away from everyone and everything to screw her socks off.

I did like that Erica was a little fiery, not just a push over and one to bat her eyelids at Brandt like a bimbo, but it was lost in the complete unbelievability of the story. ★★

A Perfect Christmas by Dilys J Carnie:
I should have liked this one the most, set in Scotland, with a sexy Scot, named Callum, who worked hard for his money and prestigious job, mixed with a young woman, Skye, who seems to have her own head firmly planted upon her shoulders... alas this is where the goodness ended.

This story hid a multitude of editing and writing sins, so much so, I couldn't enjoy the sweet reunion romance they shared.

A few things I noticed:
79% - his jeans tightened against his fly? Um what? His erection pressed against his fly or his jeans tightened perhaps?
81% - ...we have to talk about (it);
89% - ...and the taste and (delete and) exploded...
90% - lashes to flutter close(d).
91% - assault her swollen (assault has very negative connotations do you want to use that in this context?)
92% - what about her busted ankle???
...her knowing with with (delete second with) each, (delete comma) penetration...
First she screams, then Callum swallows her groan.
Then he sucks on her tongue, yet she's still able to talk and demand he goes harder... WTF!?
"(Delete ")She nodded, "That was...
93% - ...that made her drew (draw) in her...
94% - what about her ankle?????????
95% - how does a zipper tighten on its own? I think you're inferring that his erection pressed against it!
99% - ...know that I was on (delete on) there on a scholarship?"


Overall the collection was nice, but it wasn't anything too special. Susanne's story carries this collection.