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Meritropolis, the hunger games meets The Village, with a young Jack teacher protagonist: doesn't quite get there

Meritropolis - Joel Ohman

Meritropolis, the hunger games meets The Village, with a young Jack teacher protagonist.

Well that's the line Joel is trying to sell us, I don't think he quite gets there.

I liked the scoring system, it made me think of the Justin Timberlake movie 'In Time' with the branding and worth of humans being placed heavily on the brand.

I had some issues with Charley. Despite his dramatic childhood, he still seemed to get through everything with relative ease. Yes, he'd been fighting since a kid, but there is a hell of a big difference between a kid and a raging Bion.

Speaking of Bions, I thought the animal combinations were rather fresh and something that gave the story it's flash flavour.

The writing was at times great, at others average. There's a fair bit of guff that can be cut. Cutting it will make the story crisper and more engaging. As it is now, there's a lot of repetition and character explanation that makes parts of the story drag.

Probably suitable for Young Adult audiences 14yrs + or younger with prior adult checking, this book should appeal to those looking for an adventure and story of a battle against an oppressor.

A number of things I noticed:
3% - After all, which of... Seems a bigger font size to the previous writing.

15% - please stop telling us Charley learned how to fight and win from an early age. We get it!
22% - should Down Syndrome be both caps, no caps? Whatever, keep it consistent.
40-42% - that was waaaaaaay too easy!!
46% - ...his way to see his(delete his) Sven...
52% - ...trying (to) match her furiously...
55% - I know his pants are too big! Quit telling me please!
57% - ...break some of your previous (delete previous add precious) equipment...
70% - "Well,, (double punctuation)

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review.**