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Not really sure why this is called Impetus

Impetus - Scott M. Sullivan

I'm not really sure why this book is called Impetus. By definition, impetus means: the force or energy with which a body moves. This doesn't really tie in with much of the story.

Mick has motivation to act for his children, Solomon his love for the only family he's known, King, just insanity. None of them really tie into the title.

The story follows along the same lines as most post-apocalyptic stories. 10 years after Earth was impacted by giant meteors we find that humanity has dropped into the slums of deprivation. Nothing really new there...

The science theme that ran throughout reeked of the seen and done before... The 'twist' wasn't a surprise either, in fact I'd picked it from about half way through.

I would have liked more characterisation around most of the characters. It was sorely lacking when it came to the main characters, but also the backup players too. The scenes that should have been gut-wrenching weren't because I didn't give a toss about the characters. And I didn't give a toss about the characters because they were flimsy 2D cut outs not fully formed, realistic characters.

Some of the description was great, Mick's walk through the ravaged town and his observations from the hilltop among them.

Ultimately, it reads like a partially formed idea, almost there, but not quite polished.

A few things I noticed:

17% - waste = waist
20% - He would never had (delete had, add have) been president.
23% - To be able (to) hear it one...
97% - People with family's (families)

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of the book in return for an honest review**