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If you like reading about angels, action and barely contained lust, try this one today, you might love it and fall into the series with gusto.

When Angels Cry - Melanie Nilles

Shartrael Padina is an angel, and if that wasn't special enough, she's also one of four keepers of the Starfire crystals.

If that doesn't mean anything to you, welcome to my club. I went into this story with a very limited idea on what angels are, why they'd end up on Earth and I had absolutely no idea what this Starfire crystal was and what it was used for.

This wasn't really an issue though, because Melanie provides plenty of story with background and information thrown in for the reader. The down side to having to provide so much background is that the story slows dramatically. Which, happily, Melanie counteracted by speeding up the plot. The opening chapters were filled with lots of action.

This is both a good and bad thing. It helped to move the story along when you're being given a lot of information, but it also brushed across some pretty serious scenes with minimal impact because of how quickly it occurred. The first chapters see Padina's mate murdered, we find out she's pregnant but she hadn't told her mate, we're introduced to the Shirukan too, but it's all too quick.

Padina is understandably sad that her mate dies, and while there's scenes of her grieving, things in the romance department happen very quickly once she's on Earth. It's over the span of weeks, which is a refreshing timeframe given some of the romance books out there, but still. Weeks after your paired mate dies you fall in love again?! Seems a bit convenient to me.

The pace of the romance aside, the rest of the story is quite well thought out. The alternating POV chapters from the Shirukan add a welcome break from the ho-hum lifestyle of Padina while she's on Earth.

The main reason this only got 3 out of 5 is because there was a lot, and I mean a LOT, of repetition in the story. We're told two or three times in a couple of paragraphs that the house is locked and the trailer is packed. We're told a couple of times in two pages that she put the feathers in the bin. The repetition is not needed. It is annoying and makes the reader feel like the author thinks they're stupid and can't pick up on important points.

An edit would help this book, mostly to curb the repetition and superfluous words. However, I did notice one thing:

16% - track receptacles (should be trash)

This is a brief glimpse into a paranormal world that is new to me, it's easy enough to read and mostly reads well. If you like reading about angels, action and barely contained lust, try this one today, you might love it and fall into the series with gusto.