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What Tomorrow May Bring
Deborah Rix, Shelbi Wescott, Joseph A. Turkot, David J. Normoyle, Cary Caffrey, Samantha Durante, Megan Thomason, Jenni Merritt, David Estes, Susan Kaye Quinn, Tony Bertauski

DNF: I got to 10%. Hence the lack of a rating.

The Dying Dance (Detective Byone) - Ricardo Fleshman

I got a copy of this in electronic format from the Author, and sadly, I just can't read it.

The formatting and errors in the text are too distracting that I can't enjoy the story.

I got to 10%. Hence the lack of a rating.

Here's what I noticed:

2% - ...a cinderblock wal(l).
4% - ...hobbled into the al(l)ey...
5% - ...into the foothil(l)s of Virginia.
...Burber Hil(l).
The mines and mil(l)s had been...
...of The Hil(l)...
6% - ...before final(l)y being left...
7% - ...came cal(l)ing...
2 years should be written out (two)
She was stil(l) exquisite.
...rise and fal(l) of her...
"...Isit is where (speech marks wrong way)
8% - ...weekly col(l)ection until he found...
I'm not commenting on missing 'l's' anymore. There are too many
9% - is the protagonist Mose or Moses? It seems to change...

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**