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Pick up Beauty and her Beastly Love today, you won't be disappointed.

Beauty and Her Beastly Love (Passion-Filled Fairy Tales Book 2) - Rosetta Bloom

Beauty and her Beastly Love takes the reader on an erotic retelling of the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast. Much of the original story line is there, but it has been spruced up for the adult readers and contains some rather interesting intimate scenes.

Slight variations from the original include things like the erotic, leather bound books that make their way to Beauty and the lack of the amusing Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Mrs Potts. Gaston's character was well and truly present, although he had a different name and Beast and Beauty play their parts very well too.

At times I did wonder at Beauty's ability to have sex with Beast, even though he was part man, perhaps this too was intentional, the beastly nature to the sexual scenes adding a touch of the taboo if you think about it. Just something to keep you thinking about it :)

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing where Rosetta took the adult version of Beauty and the Beast. I feel that most readers will enjoy this story, be they lovers of the original or not, there's something for everyone in there.

I noticed no typos or formatting issues (always a plus!) and really the only slightly negative I'd have to say is that the cover is a bit bland considering the story. I'd have liked something a bit sexier, but if this is the most negative thing I have to say about the book, well Rosetta should be stoked :D

Pick up Beauty and her Beastly Love today, you won't be disappointed.

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**