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Degrees of Delusion is a fantastic short story.

Degrees of Delusion - Lindsay Buroker

Degrees of Delusion is a fantastic short story. It is filled with adventure, pirates, espionage and even a little romance.

Fortis, our protagonist, is lovably geeky, awkward and inept when it comes to dealing with relationships. There's a part of him that will appeal to most readers, because aside from the above mentioned traits, he's intelligent, funny and caring too.

Lindsay does not fail to deliver. So far, out of the 15 books of hers I have read, she's almost always on the money. And this one is no different.

I enjoyed the varied characters, the interesting setting and the twisting plot line. In fact, I think there was but one thing I didn't like about the short story. And that was the completely random font changes at various points in the story. It was obvious enough that it drew my eye as soon as I changed pages, which broke the reading up substantially and pulled me out of the story each time.

I have listed a number of them in my 'things I noticed' section below, but I stopped at about 85%.

If you've not tried Lindsay's work before, try this one. It's short and well written, easily enjoyed and action packed. A great introduction.

Things I noticed:

3% - "I, er-.... swift competence. - wrong font
20% - Quietly, she added,.... To be yourself - wrong font
29% - "Seems strange...could have had. - wrong font
33% - "So." ... Betray me. - wrong font
38% - "Yes, Sir. ...Ascension War?" - wrong font
44% - "Well, Ross... That bad looking."
"do you think... Think he knows?" - wrong font
74% - "No!" ... It wasn't fair."
"And then you...months trying to..." - wrong font.
85% - "That was my accent." - wrong font
I believe there were two or three instances after this point, but I didn't have my notes to jot them down.