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Book (novel) #2 in the Encrypted Series

Decrypted - Lindsay Buroker, Shelley Holloway

Decrypted is the second novel in Lindsay's Encrypted series, there is also a novella that sits between the two novels, Enigma.

Lindsay does have a tendency for rehashing characters or series even when her readers think otherwise. I think this may happen with Rias and Tikaya. This book offers a rather nice close to their series. But it also leaves it open enough that more stories could be tacked onto the end.

I am a huge Emeror's Edge fan, and I love that there's some cross over between the two series. Alas, like a lot of fans, I just didn't like this as much as EE.

I did enjoy the mental stimulation that the two cerebral-esqué characters provided, I also enjoyed their taunting and witty banter. The story just fell a little flat for me despite all those positives.

There was plenty of the usual hair-brained schemes that Linday's fans have attributed to her other herion, Amaranthe, but these hair-brained schemes are usually within the realm of reality. They're thought through and plausible.

I did enjoy exploring the Kyatt islands with Tikaya and Rias. Though I felt the ending was all a little too convenient. Not Lindsay's best work, but still an enjoyable and easy read.

If Lindsay Buroker is new to you, try her Emperor's Edge series first (they're totally awesome!), if you've already tried EE, but not read this series. Give it a try.

A few things I noticed:
5% - Un oh (should that be uh oh?)
36% - her hea(r)t sped up again.
50% - a letter clasped her in (transpose her and in) hand.
92% - ...have take(n) place over...
95% - a great number (of) wrecks...