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A cozy mystery suitable for all ages

The Bellamy Bird - Clare Havens

The Bellamy Bird is well and truly a Young Adult/Children's mystery adventure book.

The writing is simple and the mystery quite light-hearted in nature. I enjoyed the turn of events that occurred, but felt that the overall tone of the book, coupled with the writing style was much better suited to the younger audiences. Some Young Adult books are readily transferrable to adults, but I didn't find the same draw to this one as I have had with other YA books.

The main characters are two young children, Jamie and Frankie, male and female which means that the books is accessible for either gender, and their parents. Their parents (Nina and Tom) were strangely open to the 'bizarre', which felt a little odd to me, given they are parents, but had they not have been that open to the bizarre, the story would not have worked. So even though it didn't seem to fit for me, it was a necessity.

The mystery was quite well documented, the red herrings laid and the thief hiding in plain sight. I felt at times I might have been reading one of the older cosy mysteries, as there was hardly any 'negative' aspects to the theft. So, if you're an adult who enjoys light-hearted adventure mysteries akin to the Enid Blyton books (which I loved as a kid), or a parent of young kids, pick this one up and give it a try. Suitable for most youngsters.

A couple of things I noticed:
10% - I told you (you) has a much more fun childhood.
17% - ...who Tom co(u)ld have told her...