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It has faults but I still enjoyed it

Finding Home - Lauren K. McKellar

This book follows a very common formula. New girl in town falls for hot 'jock', ignores other love interest, does stupid stuff, drama, sex, hurt, betrayal, finally realises that she was stupid, happy ending.

If you have read one New/Young Adult school-aged story, you've read them all. And I say New/Young because while this book has been tagged as YA, I think a lot of the themes are a little older, especially since the protagonist it on the verge of being 18. Young adult tends to have slightly younger protagonists and not deal with sex and more adult themes.

The difference Finding Home has, is the realistic way the reader is immersed in the livelihoods of everyone living in Cherrybrook. Even some of the people we didn't want to know about.

I didn't agree with everything our protagonist did or said, and the twists were blatantly obvious, but I was still emotionally invested in the outcome. So, Lauren did something right!

I must also comment on Nick. I liked that he wasn't the traditional 'good-looking' guy. I liked that he had depth of character, that he got tongue-tied and nervous, that he shared real experiences with Amy.

The book also includes some pretty obvious ulterior themes. The risks associated with drinking to excess, underage drinking and unprotected sex were high on the list. It was almost to the point of being too much, but each time it'd fall short of that point.

Ultimately I enjoyed this book despite its faults.