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I'll read #3, but maybe in a few months

— feeling confused
Drakhom Taboo II - Celia Jade

Drakhom Taboo II is a short erotic story that showcases a strong, independent and successful woman trying to make it in a new job.

Bianca started off as a great character, but her desire to take Devon down a peg really started to bother me. It seemed so childish.

Anyway, the sex was nothing new. It felt like I was reading any number of other erotic books, vanilla, too perfect fucking, couched in overly-flowery prose. Oh and I caught a pretty amusing issue at 92%.

I'll read #3, but maybe in a few months.

A few things I noticed:

52% Bianca smiled. " (delete space)Certainly."
70% "(delete space)Care to come over...
92% - how exactly does a man, even a Drakhom, get his cock into her womb? And how is it clenching him?? Anatomy 101 people.