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I didn't love this, nor hate it.

Endlessly - C.V. Hunt

This is the first of C.V Hunt's books I've read, and while it didn't knock my socks off, it was an easy and entertaining read. So I will be reading more.

Endlessly, the first book in a trilogy, and really does introduce you to an interesting world of paranormal beings.

Verloren, our male lead, is an old (and I mean old) vampire who parades around in the human world as a goth. Being a vampire in Hunt's world means being albino white, drinking blood and teaming up with werewolves to dispose of the bodies.

Ash, our female lead, is a bit of a nebulous being. At first we think she's human, then she's not, then she's something else and well, where things end up, well I was not expecting that at all.

The story was fast paced, perhaps a little too fast in the romance department, but I can't really complain about insta-love because it is explained and I guess I can kinda see why it happened the way it did.

Anyway, all in all, I didn't love this, nor hate it. It was a very quick read, an easy read and had likable characters moving through a quick plot. Things didn't drag, nor did they get too fast. The pacing was pretty much perfect.

I'd have liked a little more depth to the characters, but I think some of that might come in books 2 and 3. Well I can hope for that anyway.

One thing I noticed:

16% - ... Could open her pedals (petals) and bathe...