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If you like gritty police stories with brutal attackers and grimy horrific twists, then you will enjoy this book.

Hold Still - Lisa  Regan

This is the first book by Lisa Regan I've read and I did rather enjoy it. If you like gritty police stories with brutal attackers and grimy horrific twists, then you will enjoy this book.

When our protagonist, Jocelyn, ends up in Emergency after rescuing her daughter from a car-jacking, she meets Anita, a woman who used to prostitute on the beat where Jocelyn used to work.

From this cracker of an opening, things spiral drastically out of control and Jocelyn finds herself woven into a wicked plot by some seriously unhinged people.

The crime side of this story was brilliant. I loved the gritty nature of the story writing and how realistic the victims were. They weren't polished Hollywood starlets; they were everyday women.

Where things got a bit dicey for me was some of the extra stuff added into the story.

The love interest was too perfect and convenient for me. It was classic insta-love and I felt it took something away from Jocelyn's character because of it. This is not to say that some of the scenes with Jocelyn's love interest weren't amusing (they were), but I felt like it wasn't really needed.

I felt really ripped off we didn't get to see one of the most important scenes in the story


The scene where Angel and Fox die and Warner gets injured,

(show spoiler)


instead the reader is told about it after it happens and it felt like the reader was cheated. I understand it was happening while another important scene was happening, but there could have been a way to show both.

Overall, I feel this was an enjoyable read with interesting plot and story ideas, but too many additional things were added which meant that some things had to take a back seat and it left me feeling like I missed out on seeing/witnessing key scenes.

If you like crime thrillers and aren't afraid to get yourself a little dirty in the process, then give this one a try.

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**