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What Tomorrow May Bring
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An engaging read with lots of plot twists and fast paced action.

Blazing Obsession - Dai Henley

Blazing Obsession is a crime thriller that focuses on what happens when one gets obsessed with a person or an event and the lengths that person will go to, to see their obsession become a reality.

It's not a nice book, in fact, it's rather dark and depressing. The characters, particularly James, our protagonist, seem almost like exaggerated versions of real people. The good in Lynne (his wife) and how attractive she is, was amplified. The anger and hatred of men that Alisha exhibited seemed too extreme, too caricaturized.

The same can be said for James' private investigator friend, RP, he was too perfect, too private eye and was able to manipulate James and Alisha into doing anything he wanted them to.

The lengths that various characters went to in this book were extreme, and I mean extreme. So much so, that while I could understand why they'd go to that length, it felt unrealistic. Not to mention their amazing ability to not get caught doing these crazy things.

My issues with the unbelievable nature of the story aside, there were certainly a number of good points in the story. There was clearly quite a bit of research done to back up and form this story. The emotional connections between the characters were well formed and really did add a good strength to the story.

I liked Georgie's character and the small character arc he had. It was very fitting and believable. I also quite liked a number of the supporting cast including: Pat and Lynne's mother in particular.

Overall, this was an engaging read with lots of plot twists and fast paced action. It should appeal to crime and police procedural lovers, those who enjoy thrillers and murder mysteries and court drama lovers.

A few things I noticed:
20% - "Ok. We'll,(Well) we'll
23% - ...Frankie Richards, Nick(delete space)'s drug dealing...
76% - ...they've go(t) to go through...

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**