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Hope's Daughter - Melanie Cusick-Jones It is not very often that avid readers can be completely knocked for six by an unexpected plot twist. The all too familiar and frequently used plot twists are often glaringly obvious and while can be done well, leave a bit to be desired.

Hope's Daughter was amazingly unexpected, simply insidious in its ability to place a strangle-hold on your heart and squeeze it viscously at various points throughout the story. The simultaneous revulsion at what is happening to Cassie and Balik and the almost desperate need to better understand it and study it warred constantly as I read.

My mind baulked at some of the sheer fantasy of some of the nuggets of truth they encountered, but the logical way that Cassie and Balik were able to study, question and although not always come up with answers, made it easier for my mind to accept. This lead, surprisingly towards a feeling of truth and honesty that I have rarely felt from a book.

I am very keen to read more by Melanie, in fact I plan on heading over to Amazon right now. A brilliantly engaging read!

A couple of things I noticed:
31% - 'I knew that would (be) the right thing...'

88% - 'There was nothing I could (do) for him.'