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Epilogue: The Dark Duet (The Dark Duet, #2.5) - C.J. Roberts The Epilogue takes a step directly away from where this series started. The dubious non-con, abuse and the like are no longer really part of the immediate story. They make up a shadowy background that looms over Caleb and Livvie as they move on with their lives.

I don't know why, but I felt this was kind of a bit of a cop out. A push to make Caleb more human and less monster (his own words) which, to me, stripped him of that dazzle, that something special, albeit something darkly special, that he had in the first book in spades, and the second book not quite so much.

If you read this book on its own instead of as the third part of a series the taboo issues of the first two parts would fall away and you would be left with a kinky book of a young couple in love. A young couple exploring their fantasies and working through them.

I would have preferred the story to stop and end neatly with book one. Books two and three are different and I think incomparable with the first. I still thoroughly enjoyed book three, but for different reasons. This book was more a standard light BDSM erotic romance than dark taboo erotic story. If you had issues with #1, this one will probably suit you better