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Captive in the Dark - C.J. Roberts Well...that certainly was a ride.

I thought at first I might not enjoy this book, it's rather dark and gritty and at times a bit overwhelming, but slowly, almost without me realising, the story became something more. Something I never thought it could become. A story of inner conflict, of fighting with oneself and others and being aware of, but perhaps not understanding, the very things your body is doing when your mind can't keep up.

This is certainly not for newbies to the genre as it showcases brilliantly a number of very taboo subjects. Subjects that will be triggers for people who can't stomach physical abuse and dubious consent among others.

The concept of being forced to submit to someone when you've been stolen from your home is one a lot of people, both men and women, will likely baulk at. As if that could be entertainment unless you're a sicko, right?

Well I put it to you, if you're intrigued by inner conflict, mentally second guessing yourself or others, and overcoming/working through immense obstacles, then give this book a try. The inner reflection accompanied by the sometimes gentle and sometimes forced self-discovery by Livvie/Kitten was amazingly well done.

But let's not just focus on Livvie here (I almost wrote victim... which she is, but she's not the only one) the amazing internal war that went through Caleb was just as interesting and intense as Livvie's awakening was harsh and seriously deviant.

I hated him to start, I wanted to see Livvie punch him in the head, knee him in the groin and dance over his crumpled body in a sick, twisted homage to the God of destruction or something. C.J. Roberts slowly turned my mind against itself. I went through similar changes that Livvie went through. I simultaneously hated and lusted after him. It was strange, I understood the confusion Livvie was going through, it drew me into the story so much more than a lot of books I've read.

Be careful with this one, you might end up confused and disoriented and longing to read the next instalment. I know I've rushed out and bought the next book already.