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Monsieur - Emma Becker Review to come...

And no, that pun wasn't intended.

Things you will need to know about Monsieur before you pick it up:
1. This book is about sex
2. This book is about kinky sex (primarily anal sex)
3. This book is VERY descriptive and holds nothing back (and I do mean nothing!)
4. It also uses some very colourful language, so if you're not a fan of the C-bomb and various other words used to describe that part of the female anatomy, this book is NOT for you.

Things I'd like to say:
1. Emma Becker is a great writer. Some of the imagery was truly amazing. It flowed, it drew the reader in and it sucker-punched you in the guts after.
2. Emma Becker's brilliant writing was wasted on this book. A hefty claim I know, but she could have been writing a warm romance instead of this erotic (some wouldn't call it that at all) tale about a slightly over-the-hill lolita and her affair with Monsieur the much older, married-with-children Doctor.
3. Monsieur was an ASSHOLE!
4. Ellie was an idiot
5. I wanted to punch him in the twig and giggle-berries repeatedly, with extreme force.

What you should take away from this review:
I have a strong respect for Emma, her writing was amazing and she's brave to delve so far into this style for one so young. If you're a fan of erotic literature you may also enjoy this book as there is quite a lot of appreciation for the classics in here.

If you have a desire to read some lovely prose AND you can handle a lot of sex, gratuitous use of foul language and the raging torrent of emotional torment that is expressed, give Monsieur a try, you may just like what you see.

**NOTE: I won this book in a first reads competition***