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Unnatural Selection - Ann Somerville Nick Guthrie is a likeable, unlikable character. I adored the fact that the main character is a gay 'vee' copper with issues, but he certainly did his best to push people away, the reader included!

The premise is strong, the murder mystery is twisted and complicated, but the overshadowing of appropriate footwork by the police and clear information helped the story along well. I was initially a little lost with all of the acronyms, there were a lot! This could be confusing for readers.

Pacing was good, you got some slower, softer scenes mixed in with the plodding police work and the speedy mystery and murder. All in all a good mix. I suspected the killer about half way through, but wasn't 100% sure until it just about jumped out and bit me.

Easy to understand mostly plain English, this story will be easily digested by vampire fans, murder mystery fans and M/M fans. While the M/M relationship aspect is a focal point of the story, with a strong chaser of homophobic violence, but the sex isn't graphic, in fact I think most readers would probably just find it like a M/F relationship with all its complications and emotional responses. If you are worried about the M/M side of the story, don't be. It helped to develop the story, but doesn't define it.

**Note: the author provided an electronic copy of the book in return for an honest review**