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The Athena Effect  - Derrolyn Anderson What a thoroughly engrossing read. The Athena Effect has a bit of everything, action, romance, science, mystery, YA drama... It was a fantastic mix of genres.

Derrolyn possesses a firm grasp of the written craft, and she wields it expertly in the book. Complex, but believable plot, realistic characters that have very realistic flaws and although possessing a special power, Cali (our heroine) is down to Earth, warm and honest, while still being tough and strong of will and morals.

The male lead, Calvin, was the typical bad boy, right down to the motorbike, tattoos and womanising ways, but despite this cliche, he was still a very good character in the story. His development was slow, where it should have been, and where rapid growth was required, it was supported by realistic scenarios and information.

I was a little concerned that having two main characters called Cal, would get confusing, but Derrolyn handled it nicely.

If you have read Derrolyn's other series and found it a little too young, give this one a try. Derrolyn has matured her style and tone in this book, it really grasps you and takes you along for the bumpy ride.

I am eagerly awaiting the release of book #2 in this series! It is due out sometime this year.

*NOTE: I received a copy from the author in return for an honest review*