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Darkest Wolf - Rebecca Royce This is book #7 in the Westervelt Wolves series. It is not meant to be read on its own.

Rex is an interesting character. He is constantly dealing with his own internal battles, and couple that with the external turmoil the Westervelt pack are dealing with it certainly makes for an action packed read.

Enter, Elizabeth Willow. Witches and magic have played a pivotal role in the previous books and this one was no exception. Elizabeth is a magically cursed witch who has been made to look so hideous that humans can't look upon her face without flinching (what a horrible curse!).

The story starts off at a certain point in time we were witness to in book 6, except we're taken on a completely different journey.

Between the two of them, Rex and Liz have a rather bumpy ride. I liked the plot twists, some of which I hadn't seen coming, others I had kind of guessed at previously. The story flowed well, with realistic reactions (for most things except the unnatural attraction) and great conflict.

I did notice one discrepency while reading. At approx. 64% through the book (right at the end of Chapter 9) The towel is referred to as a blanket the second time it is mentioned, then at the beginning of chapter 10, it is once again referred to as a towel. It's not really a big issue, but it made me have to go back and re-read the scene because I thought I'd missed something.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and look forward to book #8 and the supposed last in the series. Thanks Rebecca, for adding another enjoyable book in this series.