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Beneath the Surface - Lindsay Buroker At this point, I am yet to be disappointed by Lindsay's work. I've read 11 of her books and if she keeps writing I'll happily read the next 11.

Beneath the Surface saw us catch up with Amaranthe and the gang on their way back from their adventures of book #5 [b:Blood and Betrayal|15847065|Blood and Betrayal (The Emperor's Edge #5)|Lindsay Buroker|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1345845919s/15847065.jpg|21591570] in the Emperor's Edge series.

Hardcore fans will know that Lindsay tends to write a story about the group, but with the bulk of the backstory focusing on one character in the group. This one is Sergeant Evrial Yara's book. I understand from reading Lindsay's blog that this one nearly didn't come into existence, and that the fans practically demanded to hear more about Yara! I'm glad that Lindsay agreed to go ahead as this book was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

With more of the fast paced and humourous action the group find themselves in this novella certainly delivered. Tantalisingly subtle, yet hugely anticipated advances occur between Sicarius and Amaranthe, which just about had me hyperventilating in excitement. Lindsay further developed other characters too, we saw more involvement from Maldynado which nicely worked in with the storyline.

As usual, I was smirking and giggling at the barbed conversations amongst the team, often scoring myself strange looks from people around me. Who cares? Not me! I was enjoying the team dynamic, whisked along with the crew as they entered into more of Amaranthe's hair-brained schemes.

This is not intended to be read out of sequence, it will make little sense to those who haven't read the other books in the series first. But, if you haven't read this series, get to it, it's a truly enjoyable read.

I CANNOT wait until book #6 comes out! Please, please hurry Lindsay...