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Make Me, Sir - Cherise Sinclair The biggest change you will find with this one from the others in the Shadowlands series, is the incredibly awesome backstory. The FBI, criminals, abduction, slavery... It's all wrapped up along with the whips, chains and kink that is the norm.

Marcus is paired up with Gabi, both were characters I didn't immediately warm too. This surprised me a bit with Marcus, we had been introduced briefly in a few of the other books, he should have got the blood pumping, but he didn't.

Gabi should be the likable character. The sassy sub that most women could relate to, draw similarities with or wish to emulate. Alas, I didn't really like her.

About 30% through, I was a bit over it. It was a lot of the same old, same old. The scenes were different, but the description was repetitive, too many, shuddered's, folds, etc. Perhaps a thesaurus would have helped a little there.

I was totally miffed about the lack of finality with the backstory... What happened?!?? I want to know!

All in all, the backstory saved the day. Even Dom Gods in their naked glory couldn't save this one. It is a shame, given that Cherise does write well, but perhaps 5 in a row was a bit much. Anyway, I wouldn't count Cherise out if you are keen to check out a BDSM series, she writes well and although all her Doms are the picture of perfection, the five current books were enjoyable.

ETA - Just read the synopsis for book #6 and I guess I'll find out what happened as it seems to run on from this one.