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Lean on Me - Cherise Sinclair Again, Cherise seems to have missed the mark.

I liked this one, it was different in the fact that the sub (Andrea) was a stronger and less 'submissive' character. The back story added delightfully to this. I liked reading about Cullen, but it started to feel a bit same same. It seems like all the Doms at Club Shadowlands are cut from the same mould. They are all big (in both senses of the word *wink* they are all well in control, they all seem to like doing much of the same kink, it is getting a bit boring!

I want to read about a D/s relationship that is a little less 'perfect'. I know that Andrea wasn't perfect, but she seemed perfect for Cullen.

I will keep reading in the hopes that Cherise can bring it all together again for me.