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Club Shadowlands (Masters of the Shadowlands, #1) - Cherise Sinclair Well, well well. It happens to be 1am and I am writing this review now so I don't skew it with what will likely be very spicy dreams!

There were aspects of Club Shadowlands that didn't work. Namely, the unoriginal beginning, and the slightly annoying and hugely convenient plot filler that Master Z possesses. These aside, the way Cherise introduces the reader to the D/s lifestyle was well done. Aspects of play that seemed forced or unexpected was well explained and justified.

For the ladies and gents reading, if you can't find a hot character to drool over, there is something wrong with you. This book is clearly a holiday destination for sex Gods and Goddesses.

I found the dialogue to be realistic and flirty. It made me smile, it also made me cry. Weird I know, but there it is!

I will be reading more by Cherise! I can't wait to emerge myself once again in the pleasure that is her writing.