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Enigma - Lindsay Buroker It's been quite some time since I last delved into the world of Tikaya and Rias. In fact it has been over 12 months since I read [b:Encrypted|10218438|Encrypted|Lindsay Buroker|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1350019851s/10218438.jpg|15118057]. Still it felt like I was returning home to a family of characters I had grown to love.

Enigma is a short story, only around 15,000 words, but it's a well constructed and entertaining 15,000 words.

The bantering between Tikaya and Rias is well developed and it felt real. I thoroughly enjoy their witty comments to each other. They are both highly intelligent characters, this makes them even more enjoyable in my opinion.

You'll need to have read Encrypted before you pick this one up, as it's the continuation of the story.

I would have loved a bit more of this, it was a fun, quick read. I can't wait until book #2 in the Encrypted series. Please hurry Lindsay! :D