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Scriber - Ben S. Dobson Brilliant, Brilliant, brilliant! Scriber had everything an epic tale of magic, romance, tragedy, adventure and the never-ending quest for knowledge could possibly ever need to sear itself upon my cerebral cortex!

Scriber made me at first detest Dennon, he seemed weak and cowardly, but slowly, as the book progressed I came to appreciate his doubting ways and razor sharp mind. Dennon wasn't a fake character, I felt connected to him by his realistic reactions to the story. He questioned himself, blamed himself and most importantly, finally believed in himself.

Bryndine was a fantastic leading lady, who despite everything going against her showed an immense amount of courage and strength of will. She did not play the victim, she did not bat her eyelids at the white knights hoping to be rescued, but she was a strong, robust and brilliant role model for all the women in the book. She was not the conventional leading lady either, with her Norse goddess looks and Viking strength and build, she may not cater to all men's tastes, but in my eyes, she was perfect for this role!

Dennon and Bryndine were surrounded by an all-star cast of supporting characters who added a fullness and warmth to the whole tale. Some of them paying the price, others helping to shape the main characters to become all they needed to be for the story.

The most fascinating aspect of this story, would have to be about the Scribers, the Burning and the Forgetting. I loved how this important point was mixed into this brilliant tale. Do not believe everything you read, history can be skewed by those who write it for their own benefits, constantly persue the quest for truth and knowledge and remember, Scribers never forget!

NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review