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Letters In Cardboard Boxes - Abby Slovin I instantly loved the writing style! Parker seemed very interesting to me, but I hated Jimmy from about 3 words in.

Throughout the book, I could relate to Parker on some levels, but not on others, she seemed rather double natured in that one minute I 100% agreed with her, the next it was like the story was about someone else.

Overall, I didn't love the story, I found it had a little too much inner dialogue and reflection on Parker's part. While I think it was definitely the best style of writing for this type of book, sometimes it can be a bit too neurotic...

I liked the storyline, very much. It made me stop and think about those special people in my life (and not just the most obvious ones either) and for that I am thankful to Abby for this lovely tale.

I rated Letters in Carboard Boxes a 3.5 stars, but ranked it a 4 here on goodreads, my main issue is that things were left rather open and I wanted more closure on things.

Some editing issues I noted:

16% - 'They were tarnished with age, though it blended so appropriately...'

48% - 'They sat in her hands for a second, sending fumes into her nose like old trash.'

72% - "Do you remember it? The way it felt-"
"Without a I doubt, I remember"

79% - 'Nobody stood in on line in front of her as she approached the cash register,'

83% - "I just can't see her like this. Everyday it's like she's gone and not gone. We're trapped somewhere in the middle every god dam damn day"

84% - You use dam instead of damn two other times.

NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review