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We Of The Universe - Rachel  Cooper 'We of the Universe' could have been an incredible book. The concept of a race of beings that are so much a part of the universe and detatched from the 'lust-born' races (those of us who breed for love not by their rather emotion devoid way), but sadly this book lacked the 'get-up and go' to get there.

The characters were flat and one dimensional. They made decisions and did things without the reader understanding why. The chapters jumped from one characters POV to another and they didn't meld very well. This caused more confusion then I thought neccessary. It became difficult to keep track on who was doing what and where and with whom... In short, it was not good.

We start off being dropped right into the middle of things and little is explained. More and more and more characters are brought into the story with no attempt to introduce us to them, they just turn up and interact with the main characters (which I don't really like anyway!) which makes the whole thing seem fake. You never really get any background knowledge on any of the characters either... they just seemed to pop into existance (with the exception of a flimsy attempt at what seemed like a history with two of the main characters).

There were quite a few grammatical, editing and spelling errors, too many to list here in this review. This book could do with a very heavy-handed editor going over it!

This is supposed to be part of a trilogy, but this is as far as I will be going unfortunately.

NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review