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The Scene - R.M. Gilmore The Scene started off with a lot of promise, I thought it'd steer clear of the current fanatical vampirism that has cropped up of late with all the vampire books (sparkly or not). I was a little disappointed to find out that it didn't steer clear of it entirely as I'd so hoped. That being said, there were some interesting insights into the world that is vampirism throughout the story.

Alas, at times the very causal and somewhat unfiltered rambling that was the dialogue of the story irked me so much I almost threw my kindle out the window. At other times Dylan's quirky sense of humour made me laugh out loud for real! *Transformers!*

All in all, the initial introductions to Dylan and Tatum, her bestie were far more enjoyable than the rest of the tale they found themselves in. The world that was created was rather good. I enjoyed getting to know Dylan, Tatum, Cyrus and Mike, but I wanted it to be a serious story, not what it turned out to be. I felt that it should have been a tongue in cheek look at the vampirism that has swept the world by storm, but it turned out to be a sad vampire story wrapped up in a pretty bow.

One thing on Mike - I may have missed this, but I didn't feel it was adequately written into the story. His relationship with Dylan was a major playing card in this, but the description and history with those two was lost to me until almost 60% through the book. Fixing this, could help the readers relate to him more.

Sorry R.M - not the best, but not the worst either, but I will not be reading book #2.

Some things I noticed:

2% - 'I still had to find the place i was too (to) meet Philippe.'

7% - 'Reggie as she drug (dragged) me away from...'

22% - 'Tatum pulled the car over and parked just passed (past) the front steps.'

25% - '...bedroom that through (threw) me for a loop.'

60% - '...and drug (dragged) my ass up the...'

68% - 'I was drug (dragged) in here by my arm...'

93% - '...his long black trench nearly drug (dragged) on the floor.'

96% - '...dowsed with gallons (add of) blood.'

97% - '...you (add would) have freaked.'

NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review