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Instant Preplay - Karl Fields This light YA story is filled to the brim with positive messages for today's youth.

Between Logan and Patrick and a DVR that can show you tomorrow's news today, they deal with many common teenage problems, from bullying, to girls, to popularity and more.

The whole story led up to a bit of a fizzer of an ending, but I can't say that I would change it either. There was enough of a hint of what might happen, without giving anything away.

I liked the real relationships between the characters, they weren't Hollywood-ised, they felt honest. Logan messes things up sometimes, he likes the hot girl, is best friends with a nerd, and hangs out with the not so popular, slightly bigger girl.

The story does brush on the very real issue of teen suicide, so it wouldn't be suitable for really young teens, but from 14 and up I think would be fine.

Good solid work from Karl on this one.

I need to add the typos I found:
28% - 'It doesn't look (like) I get much credit...'
38% - '...thanks for brining (bringing) this...'
43% - '...year I want to come to (your) birthday...'
56% - '...if Gran finds out, his will parents (parents will)...'
64% - 'I don't want to (have) us all trying...'

NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review