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The Golden Scarab (Quest, #1) - S.W. Lothian A kids adventure book set in ancient Egypt, who would have thought it would have worked?! It did!

Some of the dialogue seemed a bit juvenile at times, and at others quite adult, this made the main characters a little less real.

Sometimes I didn't get why we went off on descriptive tangents about random things, I believe this was to assist the reader to get a fuller picture of the scene unfolding, but for me, it just didn't work. A good example of this would have been the several paragraph rambling aboute the state of the garage. It didn't add anything to the story, it didn't help the characters to grow and it came across as filler!

I didn't like how at times it felt like I was being lectured by an Egypt Professor, primarily when presenting facts about the various gods, goddesses, and towns. It was clearly a case of telling, not showing. This information could have been put into the story in a more believable manner.

I understand that this is a YA, children's adventure book, but I didn't think the evil was developed enough. Obviously you don't want to scare kids too much, but Seth really didn't seem that bad to me, just a bit cranky!

The tale does cover some key themes for children. Believing in themselves, building friendships, trust and meeting challenges. A good book for the fairly young, I would probably suggest 9-15yrs.

A few things I noticed (from the earlier review version):
6% - '...place gave JJ an (a) creepy feeling,'
17% - '...that he should to (remove to) consider.'
17% - 'Not that he would never (ever) admit it to anyone, not even JJ.'
25% - '...she spent her (remove her) all of her...'
28% - '...interspersed with a sparse spattering (of) palm trees...'
85% - '...just before his (remove his) the powerful magic...'
92% - '...unforgiving underworld, known as Duat. .'(remove second full stop)

NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review