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The Dryad's Kiss - R. Scott VanKirk The Dryad's Kiss is only part of an epic tale. It contains American Indian history, mythical themes, psychological issues, a bit of teen romance, and a totally fantastic nerd factor.

I really enjoyed being in Finn's head. I often found myself smirking at his sense of humor, I also enjoyed the ribbing his friends and family often gave him.

I liked his Dad and Mum, even though they were quite frequently incorporated into the story, I couldn't help but wonder if we were purposelly not given more info in book one, to add a bit more mystery to book two?

Finn's Uncle was an interesting character, but somewhat flat for me. I can see him playing a much bigger role in book two.

The initial prologue confused me and threw me right off. I instantly disliked the character names and it wasn't until quite a bit later in the book that I realized the importance of it.

There were a few time in the last third of the book that I felt a little bombarded with the mundane in Finn's life, it made those areas seem to drag a little and it slowed down an otherwise well paced story.

While I felt the writing style was probably suitable for as young as 14yrs, some of the content isn't. I would recommend it to people 16yrs and up, but specifically for adults who enjoy a youthful, quirky adventure tale that packs a punch.

NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review