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Pegasus - Marilyn Holdsworth The book ~ An overview:
Pegasus was what I would consider a traditional romance with a modern twist.

Win, short for Winston Caughfield III is a handsome older man, a real gentleman, who wouldn't dream of rushing Hannah. He wants nothing more than to make her happy and will do whatever he needs to do to that.

Hannah is a younger woman. She is strong willed, yet, at times very vulnerable.

Naturally, with a cover like this and a name like Pegasus, the book is about horses.

The cons:
The start of the book contains some pretty horrendous animal cruelty and it continues to flow throughout the book in varying degrees. This may put a number of more sensative readers off in the first few pages.

The middle ground:

The story was a bit predictable. This can at times be annoying and at others quite nice, making it possible for you to immerse yourself into the story instead of having to think about where the story is going.

The pros:
The romance in this story is sweet and fluffy, this is a strong point throughout the story. You are always reassured of Win and Hanna's mutual affection for each other the entire way through.

The care and affection Hannah and Win clearly have for the horses is another strong theme throughout this book. It helps to counter the horrible curelty that is also in the story.

The level of detail when talking about the horses. This story is obviously written by a horse lover and/or there was a lot of research done. The scenes are well constructed and give you as the reader plenty of information without going overboard on description.

The result:
A nice (if you can stomach the cruelty to animals), sweet romance based around more mature characters, interspersed with a good amount of information, not just fluff.

The recommendation:
A good book for anyone who can handle the animal cruelty. Suitable for the younger generation as there isn't anything too graphic, but I would recommend it for any romance fans, especially those who also like a bit of background story and information too, not just eyelid fluttering and steamy sex scenes.

NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review