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Black Purple Sky - Colleen Wait Ok, so this is the second of Colleen's books I have read, and this one was much better than the first [b:Lessons Learned at Summer Camp|12456877|Lessons Learned at Summer Camp|Colleen Wait|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348780905s/12456877.jpg|13687630]. Even though Colleen primarily writes Christian fiction, I didn't find it to be 'forced' on you in black purple sky. It almost seemed to naturally fit with the characters and the story. So that was much better than the first one.

Gretchen, the main character in the book seems like a smart woman. She certainly is strong, assertive and smart at times, but she almost seemed to be a bit dim at the beginning of the book. I'm pretty sure this wasn't the intention. I think the idea was meant to be that she was so frightened she didn't know what to do, was almost paralysed by fear, but it didn't quite come across.

For the first 10-20% of the book you really didn't know what was going on. You were dropped right into the middle of a story with no background information. This can work for an author, but it wasn't quite right in Black purple sky, so it caused a lot of confusion and wtf moments.

The baddies... a bit cliché. First thought was Mafia. I can see I wasn't too far from the mark. Also, the names! Tony, Anthony. Perhaps a little more imaginative names for them would make it a little less obvious.

I liked the setting of the book. It was different, it was well described and seemed real to me. This was great, but it was overshadowed at times, by an almost excessive need to describe everything in a room or in the immediate vicinity. This got annoying. Sometimes detail is great, but I don't need to know about every piece of kitchenware that is in the cabin. Especially if it's not relevant to the story.

This book needs a once over by an editor. There were a number of typos and issues. I kept tabs up until about 40%, but was finding them every few pages, so I stopped. I have listed what I found below.

8% - '...she could not loose (lose) it.'
13% - 'Bleu hadn't stop (stopped) running...'
15% - '...move a muscle as she listed (listened) to the...'
15% - 'Ever (Every) so often, a patch of green grass...'
16% - 'Ever (Every) now and again, Gretchen felt...'
17% - '...to repeat the process (fullstop) After her fourth...'
18% - drug - needs to be changed to dragged.
42% - '...pillow he pulled of (off) the bed...'

NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review