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The Annihilation of Foreverland - Tony Bertauski The Annihilation of Foreverland. The name says it all really. It takes a strong author to tell you from the get go, with the title of the book what the whole story will be about. With a name like The annihilation of Foreverland, you obviously know there is somewhere called Foreverland and it gets annihilated.

This book was thoroughly creepy. When young boys wake up on a strange island with no memories, or in fact too many memories and sitting beside them is a creepy old man who wants to help them 'get better', with an all too fake smile and full of promises, who's brain doesn't shout out huge warning sirens at that?!

Some aspects of the story were fantastic, I love the concept and the science behind it and I quite liked the main characters. Danny was a good character, but a little too perfect in my eyes (those of you who've read this will probably wonder what I'm talking about) but he just seemed to fit the role a little too perfectly, if that makes sense?! The supporting characters, Zin and Reed were great, Sid was good and so was Lucy.

The plot is fairly complex despite being warned ahead of time what the story is about. This surprised me. I guess I figured you'd not need much of a plot if you already know the outcome, but I was wrong. I liked how the plot was developed and the twists and turns felt well paced and not too obvious.

I did guess pretty early on what was happening overall, but the ending was still murky and, as it turns out, how it ended out was quite neatly done. Not pretty, but neat. A good ending.

I love the new cover. It really works with the book, it gives a sort of sinister feel (which is definitely apparent in the book) as well as being intriguing.

Overall, the book could do with another edit. I noticed a few things as below:

19% - '...but mysteriously (went) missing shortly...'
36% - 'They were crotched (crouched) just inside...'
43% - 'He crotched (crouched) down and...'
64% - 'They (The) rest of them wanted to stop...'
65% - 'Danny (should be Reed) planted the fields...'
70% - '...he would sit (in) meditation on the...'
73% - '...that level of power without know(ing) how to...'
78% - 'Only(One) way to be sure...'
98% - 'How they (the) hell the Director walked around...'

NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review