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Archangel Evolution: Book Three of the Evolution Trilogy - David Estes The final instalment of the Evolution Trilogy from David Estes was good. Archangel Evolution saw the end of the trilogy close, but left enough of a story there for another book if David so desired. Perhaps not part of this set of books, but maybe another one set at a later time, with different characters, in the same world after the events in the Evolution Trilogy.

All the usual characters were back in this story, but I felt like it was all a little too happy. The raw emotion of the first book seemed to be missing in this one. Perhaps it was a change in David's writing style, I'm not sure, but I didn't feel as connected with Taylor, Gabriel, Sam or Chris in this book.

I did feel like Sam got a bit more of a look in, as we got to see a bit more of her which was nice, though at one point I did want to throttle her for being so silly. (Wanting make-up over food!! I mean really?)

Monkeys are not marsupials!

Yes, rather random I know, but there's two points in the book where monkeys are labelled marsupials. Unless there's a breed of monkey out there that gives birth to live young and carries them around in a pouch that I'm not aware of, then the use of this word is incorrect.

The editing on this book was good. I didn't pick up a single error :)

I wanted to know more about Rocky, there seemed to be a lot of backstory about Taylor and Rocky, yet it didn't really come into play in the books. Was it just filler? I think not, but it didn't seem to have much of a purpose. I also enjoyed the characters Sampson and Kiren; I'd like to have known more about them, about their relationship.

Overall, I liked the book, but the ending was too neat, the climax was a bit 'wishy-washy' and just seemed to 'happen' rather than be constructed. This made it a bit harder to swallow.

I would recommend this trilogy to all YA fans, to people who enjoy a light-hearted paranormal romance (since that's a bit of that throughout) or younger teens from about age 13-14 and up.