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Forbidden Soul - Natasha Duncan-Drake WARNING!

Do not start this book just before work, during a lunch break or after dinner. It is 11:50pm and I must be up at 6am! I just could not stop reading!

I think that I am slightly in love with these boys! John and Michael are really a beautiful couple. They are both the sweetest, most perfect couple, and also the most unlikely.

I loved that with the novella length story this time you got a bit more detail and dimension to the story than you did with book #1.

One thing to be mindful of, if the sex in book #1 was at or above your tolerance for M/M, this book may not be for you! The sex is more graphic, sizzlingly so... The boys really turn it up this time! Super hot! *fans self* Thoroughly enjoyable Natasha!

I can't wait for the next one!